Friday, 13 February 2015

#tbloggers Christmas Meetup

First off, I know I fucked up. This is a full two months after the meetup that I'm posting this, and that's basically really shitty of me. Around Christmas I was legitimately busy (because, well, Christmas), but even with work and rehearsals I've had a load of free time I could have written this in. But I didn't, until today, because... well. I don't know. I've gone into it before, I won't bore you again. But yeah, before I start the post I'd like to apologise - to the bloggers at the event, to the brands who contributed, and most of all to Chloe - who organised the whole thing, and even told us that some bloggers at August's meetup never posted so the brands weren't entirely happy with her, and yet I still put this off for far too long. With my own posts, when I post them is entirely up to me, and so I can be as all over the place as I want with my schedule. When it comes to PR samples, and other bloggers, though, that's not acceptable. So, again, I'm sorry for that.

On to more cheery subjects! For lunch we went to Zizzi, and I had spaghetti, which was really good. (It doesn't come in a cat shape, unfortunately. But the garlic bread was triangular and I couldn't resist...)

Then I had this chocolate pudding for, well, pudding, and DAMN. If you ever go to Zizzi, get this. Get it as main and dessert if you have to. It's so so so so so good.

Lights! Pretties!
After exchanging gifts some of us left, and some of us went a-shopping for a bit. I bought a couple of nail polishes from Urban Outfitters, since they were on 2 for £10. I almost bought one that was pretty much identical to a W7 one I have, but managed to escape that (not that it's a problem as such. It's a pretty colour).

Pretties! Lights!

 The first set of products here is from brands:

Skinetica toner - This is pretty good. It definitely feels fresh on my face, and it gets the last few little bits of makeup off as well.

Derma Dew moisturiser - This scent (Japanese Plum) smells amazing, and it absorbs pretty quickly. It's definitely very moisturising, too.

Dream Dots - These are quite effective. Since I wake up early for work I don't know that I manage to get the full degree of effectiveness from them (the booklet says 8-12 hours/overnight but I get 6 hours at best), but in a slightly shortened time frame they're still pretty good. One thing I will say is that it's a big box for such a tiny product!

Papier Poudre - When I tried these, I could see that the product was coming off the paper, but I couldn't detect it on my face. Then again, I suppose that is probably the point. They have a long history as well (1903! Someone at the meetup - I can't remember who, I'm afraid - said one of their relatives used them!).

Bee Good Vanilla & Honey lip balm - Alone, this was uncomfortable. It's thick when it comes out of the tube, and then melts onto your lips. Unfortunately it felt like it was seeping into my mouth :/ However! I discovered it's great mixed with matte liquid lip products (eg MUA Luxe lip velvets). Depending on the ratio you use, you can get a glossy, pigmented lipstick or a sheer, balmy gloss :) The leaflet we were given also details the origins of the company and their dedication to bees - a really interesting read, if you get a chance!

And this is what I got in the gift swap -

Chocolate (mmmmmmmmmmm)

Collection Liquid eyeliner - this is so good! It smells kinda weird though, very strong.

MUA Heaven & Earth eyeshadow palette - a lovely variety of nude shades, and one of my favourite brands :)

Rimmel London glitter bomb nail polish - sparkly Christmassy shade! It has red and green and holographic silver glitter. I bet it'd look great over black!

Face mask - I'm not a big face mask user, I must say. I'll probably use this either the night before or the night after a run of performances.

Thankyou to everyone who was there for a great day:Tori, Bea, Asia, Merraf, Chloe, Lauren, Chloe, and most of all to Chloe for organising it all on her own!

~Becca :)

Saturday, 10 January 2015

W7 Nail Polish and Nail Dust review*

Hello again! Long time, no see...

I was very kindly sent some nail polishes and nail glitters to review from W7. I tried a couple of different - very sparkly - manicures with them: 

This was my first attempt - I had issues with pouring the glitter so I went for a different method (more details below). This was after a couple days' wear - I decided not to use top coat to test wear time, but it turns out these will definitely last better with top coat.

And my second, which I much prefer - I used tape for the lines, and also put the corresponding polish colour underneath the glitter, which I think makes it stand out much better. Using top coat definitely also helped (especially with wear time).

Onto the reviews!

This pale green (181 Tiffany) is a lovely subtle colour - not one I'd necessarily go for in the depths of winter, but I'd totally bring it back out in springtime (imagine a pastel flower mani! Ooooooh). It took three coats to reach opacity on my nails.

The purple is called 159 Liberty, and only took two coats to reach opacity. It's quite a basic purple, if that makes sense? Not in a bad way, just that it's a very mid-purple. Not overly bluey and not really reddy either. Anyway, however basic it might be, it's a lovely purple.

On a side note, the bottles I was sent were slightly different from each other - the cap is raised on the purple and has an embossed top and a slightly rougher texture, and the bottle's shorter than the green as well. I have no idea why - two different collections? Change in bottle availability/manufacturer? - but there's a slight variation among my other W7s as well. It's not really a problem, just a mild bother aesthetic-wise if you like your same brand bottles identical (I organise mine by colour, so I'm not fussed since mine are scattered and I can't see the difference).

This is the nail dust - no name unfortunately but my best guess from looking at the website is Lilac. It's essentially glitter, and is very very sparkly (as you would expect from glitter).

There's also this shade, which I'm more stumped on. It's most likely Light Turquoise but could concievably be Aqua too.

Both glitters I received are very pretty and very sparkly - though see those multicoloured specks in the photos on the website? I see no sign of that on the ones I was sent, so had I seen those photos beforehand I may have been disappointed. However, I hadn't so I wasn't!

As I said before, though, you will need topcoat, because otherwise the glitter falls off and leaves you with golf ball nails. By this I mean there are tiny little dips where the glitter was pressed in, not that your nails are suddenly capable of getting a hole in one.

The spout is a good idea but I always end up tapping it like 'nothing...nothing...nothing... TOO MUCH TOO MUCH TOO MUCH'. It's much less prone to spillage than a pot though, and honestly there's no good way to dispense glitter without getting it everywhere. Just do it over folded A4 and then pour it back in (though if it were a screw top instead of the sort-of-flexible plastic that would be much easier to do). For my first mani I took the lid off and dipped, but the narrow opening meant I dented a couple of nails and had to polish over them again.

In conclusion:

  • Pretty colours
  • Fast drying
  • Only 2 or 3 coats needed
  • Polish is relatively long-wearing (I switch mine pretty often - every 3-4 days - but both manis lasted the full time I wore them with minimal wear/chips)
  • Glitter dispenser is a good idea

  •  Glitter needs top coat to last - this isn't mentioned in the instructions
  •  Glitter dispenser could do with a little finesse (a screw top would help for when I want to return the glitter to the jar)
In conclusion [2], I do quite like these. They're not really anything special or new, but they're a good basic way to start glitterfying your nails. Well, a step up from the most basic way, which is glitter polish - but unlike glitter polish, you can get these to a really intensely solid glittery level without fifteen layers of glitter polish.

OOOH, I had a thought. Remember those pictures where you'd peel off one bit of sticker at a time and sprinkle coloured sand on, then do it again and again until you had a nice picture? If you had time/patience, you could do that with these!

Are you tempted?

~Becca :)

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 Disclaimer: I received these products free for review, however this has not affected my opinion.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Bloggy Challenge 2.0 Day 6 - My Views on Mainstream Music

Okay, first off, this is going to be embarrassing. I can feel it.

I honestly don't have much of an opinion on mainstream music. I like some, I don't like others. I listen to Radio 2. I'm not a fan of rap, but other than that I'm not really bothered and I decide based on the song.

So, after that exciting, wall-sitting response, what did I say 2 years ago?

Uh...I don't actually know what's mainstream?

I can't remember if this is complete bullshit or not.

I listen to BBC Radio 2

 Nothing's changed, then.

last I heard of 'mainstream' music was that a lot some of it is rap.

And I detest rap.

Again, not much of a change. More a minor objection now than a complete detestation, though.

Apparently this Gangnam style thingymawotsit was going around, but I never saw that all the way through and what snippets I heard sounded like not the greatest ever.

Hey, it was indeed. Still haven't watched the whole thing, still don't want to.

So in conclusion, for a 16 year old girl I have a surprising lack of music knowledge.

I don't know whether to tell myself to shut up because that's bullshit or whether to agree. Hm.

Unless it's Horrible Histories or Starkid.

 Did I deliberately leave 'mainstream' out of the previous sentence so I could say that? I suspect I did.

I definitely know more about mainstream music now than I did, though.

~Becca :)

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Friday, 5 December 2014

Bloggy Challenge 2.0 Day 5 - Things I want to say to an ex.

Hooo boy. Here's 2 years ago.

First off, are you an ex? Did we ever actually get together? Fuck knows. Anyway.

It was awkward. Holy shit was it awkward. Neither of us were sure what we were doing, I thought I was in love but now I honestly don't know if I was in love or in love with the idea of being in love? I'm leaning towards the latter, because I now know I'm ace, and I always found it so fucking hard to say it back. Was that cutesy awkwardness or part of my brain going 'what the fuck'? I mean, for gods sake, the first time you said you loved me it took me like ten minutes to respond and even then I scribbled "you too" on a piece of paper. And then it became one of the only entries in my diary, for some reason, because I guess there in the back of my mind was "hey, this is what normal people write in their diaries".

Second, I didn't really know what to say or do then, but those times you reached under my shirt and touched my boobs? Go fuck yourself into next week with a rusty fork, if you would. I didn't know what to say or do then, and honestly I don't know if you did either. But I know more now, and I know that shit was wrong. I mean, I knew then - I knew I didn't want you to do it, anyway, and I moved across the room, or into a different one, and then I'd keep ending up back on your lap or back next to you because I was still quiet and shy and awkward and I didn't know how to say no to everyone around me that was shipping us.

I guess I knew something was wrong from the start. I mean, who the fuck wants to be in a relationship where our facebook conversations are "Hi" "Hi" "How are you" "I'm fine thanks, you" "Fine" with no further contact until 2 hours later when one of us has to go to bed? Who wants to be in a relationship where we don't meet often - we live opposite ends of the country and know each other because our parents are friends - and when you ask if we can arrange for me to go stay with you it takes me forever to ask because "I'm thinking about it" but really I don't want to and I can't work out how to say that so I end up staying at your house in half terms and stuff and I guess it's nice enough but it's awkward, and sometimes you want to cuddle and I just want to play video games with you and any time we have physical content it's awkward, almost like we're doing it because we're supposed to instead of because we want to? Who wants to be in a relationship like that? Not me, thanks.

So, was me ending it by coming out to you cruel? Especially the way I said it - "I'm trying to work out how I can come out as asexual to my parents". In a way, yes. In a way, no. I don't regret it, for one thing. I can see how it would have hurt - someone comes out to you by asking for advice on how to come out? You don't even get to be told straightforward? But... Nah. No regrets. I'd say our communication trailed off after that, but shit, there wasn't much there to trail off. I remember a few times I'd be saying whatever to my friends on facebook, then talking about the same event to you but thinking very carefully about my sentence structure in order to... I don't even know what. Not upset you? Not seem like who I wasn't? I think the persona talking to you was who I wasn't. Fuck. I don't even know why, but it seemed logical enough at the time for me to do it. Or maybe it was illogical and I did it anyway.

So yeah. Does it hurt? No. Definitely not. Well, some does. Or does it? But the good times were eclipsed by the bad times - if we'd just stayed friends, we might still be talking. But you had a crush, and I don't know if I had a crush, and we tried, and it fell to shit. And so... no, I have no regrets about ending it with you. Well, actually, there is one. Not ending it sooner.

Past post:

You don't exist! Huzzah!
Well, now you do. 


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