Friday, 1 August 2014


And now, a return to my holiday OOTDs! On the third day, some of us went on a walk. (The others, wisely, stayed at the house.) Unfortunately, I didn't think to ask how long the walk was before we left.

It was nine miles.

Along a stony beach.

We did manage to interrupt an army training exercise, though, so that was entertaining. I don't think the army people expected anyone to be stupid enough to walk Chesil Beach at the beginning of July. We were, though, and we saw a sign at the opposite end of the beach saying you're not supposed to walk it between 1st May and 31st August. Yeah. If that sign had been at the other end, that'd be great. Oh well. We did it, it was one hell of an achievement, I got very impressively sunburnt, and I am never doing it again.

Apologies for the scruffiness and photo quality, but this was after the walk and I barely managed to get the photo in the first place. Sorry.
Anyway, yes, walking outfit.

  • Trousers - Cherokee (...boys' age 11-12. My mum found them in Oxfam for my brother a couple of years ago but he refused to wear them; I wondered if they'd fit. They did and still do)
  • Vest top - Atmosphere @ Primark 
  • Cardigan - Tu @ Sainsbury's 
  • Nails - Essie Snap Happy 
  • Facial expression - product of a 9-mile walk along a stony beach
I still have a slight tan line from the hairbands, too.

What do you think of the outfit? Have you ever walked 9 miles along a stony beach? Would you? If yes, why???

~Becca :)

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Monday, 28 July 2014

Empties #2 // The good ol' days

Hello again everyone! Today I'm going to show you my second batch of empties - since my last empties post they've moved to a shiny new basket (I say 'new'; it's from Oxfam... it's part of my bloggy tower). I went slightly over the planned 10 due to getting rid of a bunch of makeup all at once - therefore: onwards!

A mixture of makeup and hair/body products this time. I'll start with the hair and body products:

n-spa Coconut Ice Cream Show and Bath Gel: "I am told, said the wise man, that the sweet water inside the coconut is created by a sea its beautiful scent touches your nose, her soft music and laughter surrounds you. Take her hand and follow her...I am told she makes dreams come true." First off: COCONUT. My friends got this for me a couple of birthdays ago and promptly confiscated it because I wouldn't stop smelling it. Apart from the scent, it's mostly just a normal shower gel. Makes good bubbles, too, if you use it as a bubble bath. Repurchase? Probably.

The Body Shop Raspberry Shower Gel: I didn't get much use out of this as there wasn't much left; my mum used it for a while and I persuaded her to let me use the last bit up as she'd been ignoring it. Mostly just a normal shower gel, smells alright. Repurchase? Meh.

The Body Shop Strawberry Shower Gel: D'aww, look at the diddly mini next to the big grown up one. This is quite a fake strawberry smell - what isn't? - but it's a very nice fake strawberry smell. Like sweeties rather than actual strawberries. Lathers nicely. Repurchase? Probably.

Avon Tea Tree and Mint anti-dandruff shampoo: Again, this was just a using-up-the-last-bit kind of thing, though this time it was me that ignored it for ages (it got left in my travel bag; I used the last bit up on holiday). From that one use it did what shampoo tends to do, mostly. My hair was nice and clean, and there's not much else to say. It has a very fresh sort of smell. Repurchase? Probably, if they still sold it.

Refreshingly Pure Body Scrub: Got this in a set quite a while ago. It smells generically shower gelly and had tiny tiny little blue balls for the scrubbing. I don't think it was very effective at the scrubbing thing, so therefore - Repurchase? Nah.

On to the makeup! I will warn you, a lot of these things were my first ventures into makeup and then sat there for a while, so these'll be short.

MUA powder in Shade 1: Too dark for me. I decanted the rest and mixed it with something else to make a loose powder, and it works very well for that. Repurchase? For my loose powder concoction yes; for using straight no.

The Body Shop Silver Eyeliner: This was good while it worked, I think. It's now all dried up; I'm thinking of using the brush for nail art. Repurchase? Maybe? It's been a while...

MUA Gold Eyeliner: OK, so, MUA are great at some things, but... not these. Sorry. Repurchase? No.

The Body Shop Super Volume Mascara: Again, been a while. I think it was decent when it wasn't dried up? Repurchase? I have no idea. If it was in my price range, possibly. (it was originally a gift)

MUA Silver Eyeliner: Yes, that says silver. I, ahem, adapted it by adding black face paint. Anyway, in its original form, it was much like its gold counterpart in that it wasn't great. Repurchase? Nope.

Natural Collection single eyeshadow in Lavender: I liked this; it was a gentle wash of colour and one of my first eyeshadows. I got a new one as a present and it's intriguing to compare old and new - this one is less pigmented than the new one and also smells weird. Therefore, byebye. Repurchase? Absolutely.

Lipgloss off the front of a magazine: I dunno, it was a generic magazine lipgloss really. It was quite gritty because of the glitters in it. I tried repurposing it by filling it with nail polish remover to do cleanup around my nails - which actually worked quite well, until the nail polish remover broke through the bottom of the tube. Oops. Repurchase? Even if it was possible, no.

Avon Colortrend double ended eye makeup thing: Again, one of my first makeups. I think it was alright? The eyeliner got really hard to use once you wore down the tip a bit, it'd make a really thick line. Repurchase? Nah.

Avon Colortrend Plump Out Mascara: This was mostly just a general mascara. Nothing special, nothing awful. *shrugs* Repurchase? Unlikely.

Aww, it's like a look back into my clueless makeup stage. I mean, I'm still clueless about a lot of things, but a bit less clueless than I was when I got these.

Hope you enjoyed the post; more empties will come when my basket gets back to 10! Have you emptied anything recently?

~Becca :)

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Saturday, 26 July 2014

#BloggersDoItBetter Challenge #7 - Bloggers Do Organisation Better // My little bloggy tower

Hi everyone! Oxymoronically, I'm belatedly telling you about my organisation method. Hm.

You can tell I'm hurrying to get a post up when I don't watermark

This is my little bloggy tower; I bought it in Oxfam for 99p, earning some odd looks from my mother when I walked in the door with it. On the left I stick drafts that are in progress; on the right I stick scheduled posts. Or, I do when I have them. Each level is a different thing, which I shall show you - so consider this a little sneak peek into future posts:

The top basket is products I'm testing/products to test in the future. (the ribbons are because I had a load of ribbons, mostly.)

My next basket contains posts to be written; these bottles have since been joined by more bottles and some little slips of paper with post ideas.

Are these some empties I see before me? ...Yes.

This is my empties basket; when I get 10 empties I write a post about 'em. I've taken the photos for the next one so you'll see it soon, but until then these empties will sit delicately and wait to be written about.

Finally, this basket does double duty. It keeps track of past posts, and also holds scripts for a project I'm working on with some internet buddies.

I hope you liked this little glimpse into my somewhat unconventional bloggy organisation method!

How do you organise your blog/life?

~Becca :)

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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

OOTD // Thank goodness there were no nettles on our walk

On the second day of our holiday we decided to walk up a hill. It was a very very hilly hill. Fortunately, I wore shorts. Even more fortunately, there were no nettles - though my friend did scare me by mixing up brambles and nettles; she was up in front of me going "ah, nettles!" so I was going extra-cautiously (probably slowing everyone else down behind me...) only to find that, to my intense relief, there were no nettles. Brambles I can deal with, stinging nettles absolutely not.

Vest top - Atmosphere @ Primark // Shorts - Fat Face // Cardigan - Logo // Nail polish - Essie Snap Happy

Again, a very charity-shop-heavy outfit, with everything but the top being obtained from Oxfam. What can I say? It's cheaper - an entire outfit for the price of one item somewhere else! - and the money goes to charity. It's also so much more exciting, as you never know what you're going to find in there!

Also, told you I'm very colour-blocky at the moment.

~Becca :) 

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