Tuesday, 22 July 2014

OOTD // Thank goodness there were no nettles on our walk

On the second day of our holiday we decided to walk up a hill. It was a very very hilly hill. Fortunately, I wore shorts. Even more fortunately, there were no nettles - though my friend did scare me by mixing up brambles and nettles; she was up in front of me going "ah, nettles!" so I was going extra-cautiously (probably slowing everyone else down behind me...) only to find that, to my intense relief, there were no nettles. Brambles I can deal with, stinging nettles absolutely not.

Vest top - Atmosphere @ Primark // Shorts - Fat Face // Cardigan - Logo // Nail polish - Essie Snap Happy

Again, a very charity-shop-heavy outfit, with everything but the top being obtained from Oxfam. What can I say? It's cheaper - an entire outfit for the price of one item somewhere else! - and the money goes to charity. It's also so much more exciting, as you never know what you're going to find in there!

Also, told you I'm very colour-blocky at the moment.

~Becca :) 

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Friday, 18 July 2014

OOTD // We're all goin' on a summer holiday (not that I'm dressed like it)

Hello again everyone! I'm venturing into the world of OOTDs, and over the next few days I'll show you what I wore on holiday with my friends at the beginning of the month - with full advantage taken of the full-length mirror in one of the rooms!

My style at the moment is very colour blocky, as you can see here and as you will continue to see in the next week or so.

I was also wearing a silver headband but I cropped out the top of my head because I was accidentally looking at the camera with a facial expression that roughly said "I'm going to kill everyone". Oops.

See? Colour blocky.

Vest top - Atmosphere @ Primark // Trousers - Marks & Spencer // Cardigan - Atmosphere @ Primark // Boots - Footglove // Nails - Essie Snap Happy

Both the trousers and the cardigan were found in Oxfam... as was the nail polish. Bargains galore!

I have to admit, my past opinion of legwear was that it was black or nothin', maybe light blue denim. I recently realised that was a silly opinion, found this pair of bright blue jeans in Oxfam, and rocked 'em on the journey to our holiday house on the first day, which I believe is a massive switcharound from "black or nothin'" to "all or nothin'".

I hope you enjoyed this little post, I'll be back to show you what I wore on the second day of the holiday in a couple of days :)

~Becca :)

P.S. I did my first guest post on Laura's blog the other day - check it out here

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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Essie Snap Happy Swatches and Review // My first Essie!

I can't ordinarily afford Essie polishes. At £7.99, they're out of my price range - I'd rather spend the money getting more cheaper polishes than one single polish. Therefore, when I saw Essie's Snap Happy in Oxfam for £1.99, you bet I bought it!

The bottle is a cuboid, so would be perfect (if I had more) for filling a nail polish rack neatly, if you're into that. It'd also fit nicely into drawers with its friends too, if you sorted by brand. Personally I sort by colour, I like the higgledypiggledy effect and I think 'I want a red' rather than 'I want to use Essie's Snap Happy', but I figured it might be handy for some of you :)

The bottle feels sturdy, too - I don't know what caused the chip but it must have been one heck of an incident. The lid has a sticker with the shade name written in the colour of the shade, which is so helpful for those of us who store polishes upright in a drawer (I still added my customary sticker on the top, though - the thin lines of the word aren't quite enough for a full idea of the colour. Maybe if the colours were inverted, so that the sticker was red with white writing?)

Application was easy - the brush is wide and the polish flows well, being slightly on the thinner side consistency-wise. Above is 4 coats except on the 3rd nail which is 3 coats, mostly because I screwed up the application and went over it to hide things. You'd be fine with 2 coats, though, or maybe 3 since there was a smidge of VNL. It dries quickly as well - by the time I'd painted nail #10, nail #1 was dry and ready for a second coat. I noticed with my second coat that it dries a tad darker than it goes on, and a tad darker than it looks in the bottle as well. These swatches are with no top coat, and they're beautifully shiny!

The colour is described as an orange-red on the website, but I think it's more of a true red/scarlet kind of colour. It filled a gap in my collection, too - my other two reds are darker and blue-toned. 

As you can see above, I've evened out my nail lengths since then!

Wear time is excellent - I wore this on holiday and it was brilliant. Painted on the Sunday night, and this was how they looked on the way home on the Friday. The shine had dulled considerably - though I will admit that part of that was due to falling asleep before they were fully dry - and there was minimal chipping on my dominant fingers and hardly any wear on my non-dominant fingers.

They're also great for nail art, as you can see here, here, and here.

In conclusion? Brilliant! The only con for me is the price, though with this quality I'd definitely buy one or a few more Essies in the future when I can afford them :)

You can buy Essie at Boots for £7.99, and you can also take a look at Essie's website here, if only to gawp at the rainbow of colours!

Do you have any Essie polishes? Which do you recommend?

~Becca :)

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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Ella's Leavers' Ball nails

Hello again everyone! I didn't mean to take quite such a long break, but I'm back now c:

On Thursday, we had our Leavers' Ball to celebrate/commemorate the end of sixth form. My friend Ella wore a deep blue dress with silver accessories, and - as you'll have seen if you follow me on my shiny new Twitter - she asked me to do her makeup and nail art!

We started by doing a different design on each nail:

In order l-r:
  • Simple line & glitter placement
  • Diagonal stripes
  • Wibbly French tip
  • Wibbly line
  • Waterfall kind of thing
  • Full glitter nail
  • Wibbly French tip with glitter placement
  • Wibbly line with glitter placement
  • Glitter placement half nail (this was going to be a full nail but I stopped halfway through for a moment and we liked it how it was. Warning: very time consuming)
  • Glitter gradient
After this we looked at what we liked best, then replaced the 'meh' ones with more of the 'hella' ones.

This left this - for the most part, we ditched the blue polish and went for more glitter!

(Another word of warning - for the love of all things everywhere, please topcoat if you use the glitter placement technique. We did these the day before Leavers' and when we were getting ready on the day I had to painstakingly redo half of the glitter placement accent nail!)

The polishes I used were:
  • 17 Holo Nail Polish in Silver
  • 2true Glossywear Nail Polish in Shade No. 14
  • Avon Colortrend Glitter Top Coat in Blue Bursts
Ella loved the designs, and I found it was an interesting exercise in seeing how many designs can be created with just two colours!

~Becca :)

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